COVID-19 Updates

New South Wales, NSW

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10/08/2020 16:20 PM
  Border restrictions New South Wales has temporarily shut its border with Victoria only. As the head of an organisation employing critical service workers, the CEO must apply on behalf of the employee in a non-border region (not in the border region), you may be eligible to register for border entry permits for your workers, providing the service is:  highly specialised not available locally in the same, or substantially the same form ...

Queensland, QLD

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10/08/2020 08:00 AM
To continue business in QLD People who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot within the last 14 days but are needed in Queensland to perform essential activities must apply for an essential activity category Queensland Border Declaration Pass. From 1am Saturday 8 August the only people allowed to enter Queensland by road are: truck drivers workers related to the transport of freight and logistics people performing essential activities and border zone residents To enter QLD industry falls...

Victoria, VIC

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05/08/2020 07:10 AM
Victoria Metropolitan Melbourne has moved to Stage 4 Restrictions / Regional Victoria is Stage 3 Worker Permit download here From 11:59pm on 5 August, employers that require their staff to attend a work site must issue a worker permit to their employees – this is the employer’s responsibility. Employees are to carry the permit and photo identification. A worker permit can be shown to authorities electronically, such as a photo or on a mobile device. Under Stage 4 Restrictions Agriculture is...

Tasmania, TAS

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03/08/2020 11:00 AM
 To Continue Business in Tasmania All travellers arriving in Tasmania need to apply for an electronic G2G (‘Good to go’) PASS from Visitors will have a health check when they arrive in Tasmania — including a temperature check. This health screening will be conducted at all Tasmanian airports and ports — including King and Flinders Islands. Where are the hot spot areas: From Friday 31...

South Australia, SA

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31/07/2020 13:10 PM
Operate as an Essential Service Provider | Essential skills Essential travellers are required to have mandatory COVID-19 testing on day 1 and 12 of entry into SA. Please see the updated table here that confirms essential traveller requirements for entry in SA. Industry falls under 3—Specialist workers in essential sectors. Download here.     (3.1)     Individual specialist workers required for the purposes of maintaining operations in an essential...

Western Australia, WA

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24/06/2020 14:00 PM
 To Continue Business in WA Strict border controls are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. You cannot enter Western Australia without an exemption. Our industry falls under 'specialist skills not available in WA'. Full details 'people with specialist skills not available in WA, required for industry or business continuity or involved in time-sensitive critical maintenance or repair of critical infrastructure; or specialist skills in agriculture, food production or primary industry...

Apply for Overseas AI Technicians

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24/06/2020 14:00 PM
OVERSEAS TECHNICIANS DEPARTMENT OF HOME AFFAIRS INFORMATION If you are looking to get technicians in from overseas make sure they have applied for their visa. If their visa is close to expiry they can call the department to see if their application can be rushed. Note: Our industry is seeking technicians for their critical skills.  The overseas technician would then need to apply here:   In the form they would tick a compelling a...