Upcoming Workshops/Webinars - Register your Interest

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20/09/2023 09:20 AM
Register your Interest by clicking on the link below https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H2T9MHP   Based on the feedback gathered at NHIA-hosted forums, we recognise the growing interest in specialised workshops and webinars among our members. We invite members to share their preferences on the following topics to determine which ones resonate most:  1. Business Succession Strategies Webinar (2 hours) Succession planning, exit planning, and strategies to elevate your business's...

Health and Safety Month 2023 Regional In-Person Events and Webinars

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05/09/2023 17:00 PM
Regional In-Person Events and Webinars As the month of October is fast approaching, this is ‘Health & Safety Month’ at WorkSafe.  Worksafe invite you to take note of their upcoming regional events. Multiple regional locations are listed: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/events.   Can’t get there in person, see the Webinars that are also available on the link. Members putting safety first.

29th Annual AGM Report 2023

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31/08/2023 15:56 PM
Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 9th August 2023   The National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA) Annual General Meeting was held in Shepparton, Victoria and online on Wednesday 9th August under the chairmanship of Mr Anthony Shelly with NHIA 27 members, guests and staff in attendance. The General Meeting approved the financial statements for the fiscal year 2022/23 and reports by the Chairman and CEO, Ms Sara Merkel, outlined the Association’s...

Vale Greg Tiller

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31/08/2023 15:56 PM
It is with great sadness we share the passing of industry colleague and friend, Greg Tiller. A familiar and friendly face at NHIA events for many years, most recently at the AGM and member forum in Shepparton earlier this month, Greg gave lifelong service to the dairy cattle breeding industry and was highly respected by all that knew and worked with him. Originally from South Australia, Greg grew up with dairying in his veins. He quickly appreciated that cattle breeding was his passion and...

NHIA Mentoring Program August 2023

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31/08/2023 15:00 PM
Following the member Mentorship Training workshop held in Shepparton earlier in August, NHIA is developing an ongoing support program for members undertaking workplace and industry mentor schemes.    Made possible with the support of Gardiner Foundation, the workshop was attended by 17 member representatives, a Gardiner Foundation representative and NHIA staff. The highly practical workshop provided an overview of the essential steps required in the design and implement...

Welcome Karen Eastop

Posted By Adam Sawell,
31/08/2023 08:00 AM
Members attending this month’s Annual General Meeting will have noticed NHIA’s new recruit, Karen Eastop, working away with Sara Merckel to record the event and assisting with the forum, member dinner and the following day’s mentoring workshop. Based in Wallan, Victoria, Karen’s role covers office and administration management, bookkeeping and assisting with member communication activities. Karen comes to NHIA from the logistics sector, with a skillset that is directly transferable to the...


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25/08/2023 10:00 AM
Update on Dry Ice for VIC and TAS Recently, members have reported challenges with the dry ice supply and this has been due to a CO2 deficit, and BOC was importing CO2. BOC are now pleased to announce Victoria has an adequate supply of CO2 in the tank at their Dandenong Gas & Gear. This allows BOC to now produce dry ice. In the initial stage, BOC will be focusing on producing small volumes of dry ice each day.  Contact BOC Gas & Gear Dandenong, (03) 9792 1700 for...

Reminder Deadline for deletion of COVID-19 vaccination information in Victoria

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24/07/2023 14:00 PM
Expiry of COVID-19 vaccination information regulations The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (COVID-19 Vaccination Information) Regulations, were automatically revoked on 12 July 2023. Employers who recorded or held COVID-19 vaccination information specifically under these regulations have 30 days to destroy that information.   Regulations revoked - What employers need to do The OHS COVID-19 Regulations were automatically revoked on 12 July 2023. Employers are required to...

NHIA Award Winner completes Rural Leadership Program

Posted By Adam Sawell,
07/06/2023 07:03 AM
Emma Hallyburton, winner of this year’s National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA) Young Achiever Award, has completed the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program, supported by Gardiner Foundation. As part of the award Victoria’s Gardiner Foundation sponsored Emma to attend the program. The program, which commenced in 1992, is recognised as one of the longest running rural leadership programs in the nation. It has developed a strong reputation in the agricultural and...

Call for AGM Agenda Items

Posted By Adam Sawell,
07/06/2023 07:02 AM
Notice is hereby given of the Twenty-Ninth Annual General Meeting of the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia Inc. which will be held on Wednesday 9th August 2023.  NHIA will be providing further notice and details of the meeting in due course but at this time would like members to diarise the date, Wednesday 9th August 2023. Call for 2023 Annual General Meeting Agenda Items Members are...