Career Paths

What does a Career in herd improvement look like and where can it take you?

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Entry Roles

  • Administration / Bookkeeping / Data Processing of herd records
  • Customer Service
  • Extension Officers
  • Courier Positions, eg: Herd Testing, genetic material
  • Sample Tester, eg: herd testing on farm
  • Artificial Inseminator (AI Tech)
  • Farm Service Roles, eg: Calf dehorning, freeze branding
  • Supply chain, eg: Genetic material logistics, dispatch

Specialist Roles

  • CEO, General Managers, Managers, Supervisors, Marketing Positions
  • Extension roles for training farmers and staff
  • Data analyst
  • Digital Marketing Positions
  • Export Coordinators
  • Laboratory technician (milk, blood)
  • Genomic services
  • Sales personal
  • Animal classifier
  • Cattle photography
  • Professional artificial inseminator (AI tech)

Professional Career Path

  • Veterinarian, covering roles such as animal health/welfare, pregnancy testing
  • Animal reproduction specialist
  • Genetic scientist

Genetics Companies

  • Managers, semen collectors, farm roles
  • Laboratory roles, including semen processing
  • Embryologist / technicians (ET)