Ruminant Genetics Trade Advisory Group (RGTAG)

RGTAG is the voice of the ruminant (all species) genetics trade industry in Australia with direct liaison between the industry and government at various levels.  Its role includes:

  • represent the industry in the setting of import and export protocols,
  • provide advice to government in respect to issues around genetics trade,
  • be a conduit between industry and the Department of Agriculture
  • keep industry informed of current trade and protocol issues and events

The ruminant genetics trade into and out of Australia has been a very fragmented industry over a number of years with very little co-ordination between the genetics industry and official Government channels.  This has meant that issues around protocols and interpretations of protocols have been managed inconsistently, with both industry and the department having frustrations and delays over the issues surrounding the smooth import and export of genetics.  Whilst the industry has, over many years, had various attempts to co-ordinate some sort of structure, the very nature of the trade has meant there have been few participants and those are generally small operators too busy to be able to support a widespread industry approach.

The new structure of RGTAG has come about because the industry and the Department recognised that there needs to be a serious attempt to get the industry organised and efficient.  This has been brewing for some time with a relatively recent industry review paper by Nichols et al also documenting the critical need for cohesion and organisation within the sector to take best advantage of the international opportunities for Australian genetics.

The new RGTAG is to be administered under the services of the National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) with a structured, elected, committee of management representing the different species and geographical locations across Australia.  Membership of RGTAG comprises of both industry participants and interested livestock breeders and is subject to the RGTAG Constitution.

A financial membership entitles one vote and to have prioritised access to the Department of Agriculture through the RGTAG.  Members will also benefit from regular information on current protocols and changes, have a say in prioritising issues of importance, and have knowledge of events effecting the industry here in Australia and internationally. 

Membership of the RGTAG group is obtained by filling out the application for membership form and forwarding it to the NHIA. To obtain this form please contact us below.

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