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The quality chain for semen and embryos from the producer to the end user farmer has now been strengthened considerably with the Code and Standard of the Semen & Embryo Handlers Accreditation Program and Code of Practice.

This Code of Practice was initially developed with funding from the Dairy Herd Improvement Fund together with supplemental funding being provided by the Dairy Research and Development Corporation and the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA). A recent review has updated these materials in 2023 with the assistance of Genetics Australia Holdings.

This NHIA Accredited Program and Code of Practice is for employees and organisations seeking to establish the adoption of a standard considered minimum requirements for organisations and staff handling semen and embryos during the distribution process.

The Code was developed in response to demands from industry and is designed to be applicable to identify key handling processes for semen and embryos from the time the product has been produced until it is despatched for final use. 

In the current deregulated environment, the Code will encourage customers' confidence in the integrity of semen and embryos supplied by accredited organisations.


Why Get the Skills?

·        Know how to expertly handle semen and embryos

·        Get the best knowledge on safety

·        Individuals will be Accredited upon a successful pass.

·        Member’s Centre can be Accredited upon a successful pass.


Expert Instruction

The program will be conducted by a NHIA endorsed Trainer where you will need to complete practical work and undertake an exam assessment.

  • Successful individuals that become accredited will be listed on the NHIA website. 
  • Successful centres that become accredited will be listed on the NHIA website. 

The Program and Code of Practice is being offered to industry on a regional basis. 


How to Enrol

Manager to register staff via this form and email it to: [email protected]

If you would like your Centre Accredited check you have all the requirements listed on this form and email to: [email protected] 

Contact [email protected] to receive a log-in for the Hub; this contains the pre-reading for the Training (hard copy manual provided on the day).

  • This course requires you to undertake practical work with an assessment and exam. 
  • After successful completion, you will receive accredited recognition with a certificate and be placed on the NHIA website.
  • Additionally, claim your accreditation badge for your email/social media to display your accreditation in this area.
  • The Accreditation will last for 3 years and require a review. NHIA will remind you when you are due to renew.




Meet Trainer Travis Evans

Travis Evans grew up in Southwest Victoria along the picturesque Great Ocean Road, and has deep roots in the dairy farming community. Growing up on a dairy farm, Travis inherited a legacy of commitment to herd improvement, with his grandfather an early adopter of Artificial Insemination back in the 1960s, followed by his father's dedicated involvement in herd improvement initiatives.

Travis's own journey in the agricultural sector began in 1994 with a dairy farm apprenticeship on his family's farm, gradually advancing to a share farm position as he pursued his education in agriculture, ultimately earning a Diploma of Agriculture – Dairy. 

In 2009, Travis embarked on a new chapter of his career, joining ABS Australia, where he honed his skills in Artificial Insemination, attending refresher courses to stay ahead of the latest training in the field. His commitment to excellence led to NHIA professional AI accreditation during that time, further enhancing his expertise. 

Transitioning to Total Livestock Genetics in 2016 as a Despatch Officer, marked another milestone in Travis's career. In his role, he oversees the packing, inventory management, and shipment of frozen semen and embryos, ensuring meticulous handling to preserve product integrity. With a comprehensive understanding of the entire supply chain, from the bull in the paddock to the calf on the ground, Travis is well-equipped to deliver exceptional service.

Driven by a passion for supporting the herd improvement industry, Travis remains dedicated to facilitating access to highest-quality service. His role as a Despatch Officer at TLG emphasises his commitment to upholding industry standards and contributing to the advancement of livestock genetics.

Travis says “I continue to see our industries importance to support and help farmers access the best quality products and service.” NHIA proudly endorses Travis as a Trainer in Semen and Embryo Handling Accreditation. With his wealth of experience and dedication, he remains a vital contributor to our industry, upholding the highest standards of quality commitment.


NHIA thanks the businesses who support this Accredited Training:

Bovine Breeding Services, Genetics Australia, HICO, Nu-Genes, Semex, Total Livestock Genetics, Viking Genetics. 


Emma Hallyburton Total Livestock Genetics 29.02.2024 ACTIVE
Mary Muir Total Livestock Genetics 29.02.2024 ACTIVE
Darlene Pearson Total Livestock Genetics 29.02.2024 ACTIVE
Janine Swayn Total Livestock Genetics 29.02.2024 ACTIVE
Victoria Alexander Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Coleman Baulch Genetics Australia 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Cate Jago Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Michael Pegg Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Noah Trewin Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Ben Hall Bovine Breeding Services 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Sarah Hall Bovine Breeding Services 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Mat Dennis Genetics Australia 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Adele Walker Viking Genetics 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Eric Thompson Viking Genetics 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Bailey Roberts Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Giaan Atkins Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Christine Harding Nu-Genes 31.03.2024 ACTIVE
Ken Leneham Nu-Genes 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Erin Hoghton Nu-Genes 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Matt Simkin Nu-Genes 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Darren Fletcher Total Livestock Genetics 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Karen Fowles HICO 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Leesa Wade HICO 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Janelle Armstrong HICO 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Zane Colley Semex 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Abbey Loftus Semex 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Olivia Shelly Genetics Australia 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Jon Holland Genetics Australia 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Pene Lawrence Genetics Australia 30.04.2024 ACTIVE
Jim Bruce Viking Genetics  30.04.2024 ACTIVE