NHIA Beef Working Group 

The NHIA Beef Working Group (NBWG) brings together dedicated professionals, industry experts, and stakeholders from various organisations within the beef sector. Together, they stand as a representative industry voice and work as one cohesive unit tackling beef-related matters under the NHIA umbrella.

Key Objectives of the NHIA Beef Working Group:

  1. Effective Representation: The strength of collective action.  Ensuring the beef industry's voice is heard in all discussions, negotiations, and decision-making processes.
  2. Promoting Awareness: Actively disseminate crucial information, share best practices, and educate stakeholders about important industry developments. By shedding light on the challenges and opportunities within the sector, they aim to drive informed decisions and facilitate growth
  3. Strong Advocacy: Collaborating with industry organisations and stakeholders to create endorsed policies and initiatives that benefit the beef industry.

We encourage industry to be involved with the group. Contact Sara Merckel [email protected] 

Representatives of the Working Group:

Chair: Nigel Semmens, ST Genetics
NHIA Board Representation: Nick Brasher, NHIA Director / Farmwest,  Adam Daniel, NHIA Director / NuGenes 
Organisation Representatives: Fletch Kelly, ABS,  Chris McIlroy, AgriGene,  Andrew Medhurst, Alta Genetics, Damien Thomson, Genetics Australia
  Vaughn Johnston, Semex, Nigel Semmens, ST Genetics, Geoff Wood, WWS
Vet Representative:    Ced Wise, Ced Wise AB
Secretary: Sara Merckel, NHIA  



Endorsed by the NHIA Beef Working Group