NHIA Awards and Categories

Laurie Wells Award 

Who was the legendary Laurie Wells (click here)

George Laurence Wells, better known as Laurie, was a pioneer of dairy mating services in Australia and a mentor to many of the industry’s past and current leaders. The NHIA Meritorious Award was renamed in his honour. 

About this Prestigious Award

This award is designed to honour individuals who have made extraordinary and sustained contributions to their field over the course of their career. It recognises a lifetime of dedication, excellence, and impact. 

The criteria and structure for the Laurie Award are as follows:


  • A minimum of 20 years of significant and consistent contributions to the field.
  • Demonstrated excellence and leadership in their profession.
  • A lasting impact on the industry, profession, or community.
  • Positive influence on colleagues and peers.


Significant Contribution Award (Created 2024)

This award is to acknowledge individuals or teams for a specific and outstanding contribution or achievement or project that has made a noteworthy impact for industry.

The criteria and structure for the Significant Contribution Award are as follows:


  • A specific and notable contribution, innovation, or accomplishment.
  • Demonstrated excellence and impact within a defined time frame.
  • The significance of the contribution in advancing the field or industry
  • Positive feedback or recognition from peers and industry


Young Acheiver Award

NHIA champions the Next Generation of Leaders.

This award is to applaud the commitment and excellence of young people 35 and under.


  • Members Nominate
  • Individuals undertake an interview by a sub-group of the Board and Management
  • The interview assesses the contribution the individual will make to industry, and how they will apply the skills learnt from the course provided with the award.     


The NHIA Board Champions the Rise of the Next Generation of Leaders.

In 2020, NHIA unveiled the dazzling "Young Person Achiever Award"! A thrilling accolade specially designed to celebrate the passion, dedication, and brilliance of our young trailblazers aged 35 and under! Get ready to cheer for the future's brightest stars! 🌟

 Nominations are open for the Young Achiever Award 2025

If you know someone who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments, shown incredible potential, and exemplifies the spirit of our community, this is the chance to shine a spotlight on their achievements. Nominate a deserving young talent today so NHIA can recognise their outstanding contributions and look to improve their development. 

Download the form here.

The winner will receive a sponsored position to an industry endorsed course.

Alternatively, they can propose a course of their preference to NHIA


History of the Recipients of the Award:


Year First Name Surname Associated Organisation
2024 Penny Welch GAC TLG VIC
2023 Emma Hallyburton TLG VIC
Dylan Jewell NHD
Adam Hickey Numurkah NuGenes
2021 Helena Carter TLG VIC
2020 Miranda Clark Holstein Australia




NHIA is proud to have a long-standing tradition of awarding the prestigious Meritorious Service Award, which is now named the Laurie Wells Award.

Year First Name


Associated Organisation
2021 John Blum  
2021 Bill Cornell  
2020 Gerard Daniel Numurkah Nu-Genes
2020 Peter Williams DataGene



Year First Name Surname Associated Organisation
2024 Christian Hickey NHD 



History of the Recipients of the Award:

Year First Name


Associated Organisation
2019 Rhonda Howard Cobden AB
2019 David James  
2019 Don McDonald  
2017 Pauline Brightling Harris Park Group
2016 Rob Derksen Genetics Australia
2016 Rob Richmond  
2014 Graeme Cowan Genetics Australia
2014 Frank Treasure  
2013 Shane Ashworth Total Livestock Genetics
2013 John  Harle Genetics Australia
2013 ADHIS   30th Anniversary Award
2012 Adrian Dee  
2012 Sue Gow HICO
2012 Lyn McGrath NHD
2012 Albert McIlroy Agrigene
2011 Daryl Brown 21st Century Genetics
2011 Michael Larcombe HICO
2010 Max Keir Numurkah Nu-Genes
2010 Jock McMillan  
2010 Cliff Scammell  
2009 Bernie Harford  
2009 Stewart McRae  
2009 Ken Phillips  
2008 Jim Conroy Semex
2008 Bert Dodd  
2008 Graeme Gillan ELI Innovation
2006 Rod Brasher Westside AB
2006 Howard Hodgetts Semex
2006 Ian Parkinson Bovine Inseminations
2006 Peter  Semmens World Wide Sires
2006 Cliff Scammell Yarram AB 
2006 Graham Sutherland Colac HI
2005 Jakob Malmo  
2003 Bill Bateman Western HI
2003 David Conn Yarram AB 
2002 Doug Berryman Sth Gippsland HI
2002 Doug Billing Sth Gippsland HI
2002 Alan Clyne Maffra HI Co-Op
2002 Daryl Crawford Cobden AB
2002 Geoff Davis Cobden AB
2002 Stuart Eddy Sth Gippsland AB
2002 Graeme Mabin Sth Gippsland AB
2002 Greg McGrath Sth Gippsland AB
2002 Malcolm McKenzie Sth Gippsland AB
2002 John Moscript Sth Gippsland AB
2002 Robert Noble Maffra HI Co-Op
2002 Roger Perrett Sth Gippsland AB
2002 Eric Stewart HISCOL
2002 Peter Webster Maffra HI Co-Op
2002 Ian Wise Sth Gippsland AB
2001 John Boag Sth Gippsland HI
2001 Phillip Harris Colac HI
2001 Jim Jellie Western HI
2001 Jack Scott Boorcan HTA
2001 Gordon Stewart Alta Genetics
2001 Pauline Stewart Alta Genetics
2000 Robin Albert Yarram HTA
2000 Brian Ballantyne West Gippsland HI 
2000 John Currie West Gippsland HI
2000 Gary  Green Yarram AB
2000 Albert Greenaway Yarram HTA
2000 Kenneth  May Yarram HTA
2000 Noel Myers Timboon HI
2000 Martin Moore Yarram HTA
2000 Rob Nicol Yarram HTA
2000 Peter Peterson Yarram AB
2000 Charles Puccio Yarram HTA
2000 Graham Roberts Yarram AB
2000 Ray Smith Timboon HI
2000 Mavis Wilson Yarram AB
Ken Bruhn Sth Gippsland HI
1998 Ron Chappel Nth Herd Development
1998 Ted Delaney Timboon HI Co-Op
1998 Geoff Gale Timboon HI Co-Op
1998 Malcolm McKenzie Sth Gippsland AB
1998 Bruce Morrison Nth Herd Development
1998 Stewart Peace Nth Herd Development
Murray Coverdale Western HI
Stewart Dumesny Western HI
Ray Eccles Western HI
1997 Alan Evans Colac HI
1997 Alan Mumford Yarram AB
1997 Don York West Gipps HI Co-Op
Robin Albert Yarram AB
Gary Green Yarram AB