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Semen and Embryo Handling Training Kicked off in 2024

Posted By NHIA,
10/05/2024 13:00 PM
In early 2024, NHIA launched its revised Semen and Embryo Handling Training program. The new manual has undergone a complete revision, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Trainer Travis Evans and Ruth Barber from  Genetics Australia Holdings. Their hard work ensures our members will receive the most accurate and effective training.  Trainer Travis Evans shares, "Putting staff through this training lifts skill levels and knowledge across the chain." From his experience,...

Mentor2Elevate Program

Posted By NHIA,
17/10/2023 10:00 AM
NHIA Unveils Game-changing Mentorship Program Elevating Industry Excellence with support from the Gardiner Foundation   Why a NHIA Mentoring Program The goal is to provide a framework and support for individuals and businesses in the herd improvement sector to ensure that our industry and its people continue to grow and develop. Businesses and organisations also derive a direct benefit from putting workplace mentoring in place. For example: Did you...

Semen & Embryo Handlers Accreditation Program

Posted By NHIA,
03/10/2023 08:00 AM
Semen & Embryo Handlers Accreditation Program NHIA's Gateway to Professional Excellence and Recognition for your skills.  Don't miss this opportunity to lead with excellence in semen and embryo handling. Enrol now and be an expert in this area. Why Get the Skills? Know how to expertly handle semen and embryos Get the best knowledge on safety Individuals will be accredited upon a successful pass Member's Centre will be accredited upon a successful pass Expert Instruction...