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Membership Renewals 2024/2025

Posted By NHIA,
10/05/2024 17:00 PM
Membership Renewals 2024/2025   CEO Sara Merckel emphasises, “At NHIA, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusiveness for all our members.” Our mission is to provide a platform for networking and collaboration, supporting all areas of your business, with a special focus on training and development for the financial year 2024/2025. NHIA uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that every interaction meets your needs in the best way we can. Advocacy...

Semen and Embryo Handling Training Kicked off in 2024

Posted By NHIA,
10/05/2024 13:00 PM
In early 2024, NHIA launched its revised Semen and Embryo Handling Training program. The new manual has undergone a complete revision, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Trainer Travis Evans and Ruth Barber from  Genetics Australia Holdings. Their hard work ensures our members will receive the most accurate and effective training.  Trainer Travis Evans shares, "Putting staff through this training lifts skill levels and knowledge across the chain." From his experience,...

BOC Price Freeze for 2024 and Dry Ice Update

Posted By NHIA,
10/05/2024 12:50 PM
In an era marked by rising costs and business challenges, NHIA is pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated a price freeze with BOC for Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice for the year 2024. This significant achievement highlights our commitment to proactively working with our suppliers to secure the best possible prices for our members in a competitive marketplace.   Please note that while this agreement excludes surcharges, these are not expected to change....

Neil Odgers retires from a long-standing career since 1988

Posted By NHIA,
10/05/2024 11:20 AM
Conversation Corner - Conversation with NHIA CEO, Sara Merckel and Neil Odgers from HICO In honouring our industry, we spotlight the individuals whose dedication and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark. CEO Sara Merckel had the privilege of talking with Neil Odgers, a stalwart of HICO, who now embarks on his well-deserved retirement, culminating a career spanning nearly four decades and leaving a profound legacy in herd improvement.    It was a truly...

NHIA Launches Beef Working Group

Posted By NHIA,
30/11/2023 11:00 AM
NHIA Launches Beef Working Group to Enhance the Beef Industry NHIA is happy to announce the establishment of its new Beef Working Group—an initiative poised to bring about significant benefits for the entire beef industry. Comprising leaders and experts from the beef sector, this group signifies NHIA's unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of our industry, fostering awareness, and advocating for positive transformation. The NHIA Beef Working Group brings together dedicated...

RGTAG Update

Posted By NHIA,
17/10/2023 13:00 PM
An important focus for NHIA is the secretariat services it provides for the Ruminant Genetics Trade Advisory Group (RGTAG). It's role includes: represent the industry in the setting of import and export protocols provide advice to the government in respect to issues around genetics trade be a conduit between industry and the Department of Agriculture keep the industry informed of current trade and protocol issues and events presenting the Australian...

Mentor2Elevate Program

Posted By NHIA,
17/10/2023 10:00 AM
NHIA Unveils Game-changing Mentorship Program Elevating Industry Excellence with support from the Gardiner Foundation   Why a NHIA Mentoring Program The goal is to provide a framework and support for individuals and businesses in the herd improvement sector to ensure that our industry and its people continue to grow and develop. Businesses and organisations also derive a direct benefit from putting workplace mentoring in place. For example: Did you...

Jersey Australia Media Release - Australian genetics to boom after World Dairy Expo

Posted By NHIA,
17/10/2023 09:00 AM
Australian Jersey genetics were highlighted last week at the world’s largest dairy expo with hopes that sales into North America could grow ten-fold.  Jersey Australia general manager Glen Barrett said a joint trade site in 2022 had shown the possibilities for Australian Jerseys.   “The North American market is a potential 100,000 straw-a-year opportunity for Australian Jerseys but we’re lucky to get 10,000 in there at the moment,” Mr Barrett said.   ...

29th Annual AGM Report 2023

Posted By NHIA,
31/08/2023 15:56 PM
Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 9th August 2023   The National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA) Annual General Meeting was held in Shepparton, Victoria and online on Wednesday 9th August under the chairmanship of Mr Anthony Shelly with NHIA 27 members, guests and staff in attendance. The General Meeting approved the financial statements for the fiscal year 2022/23 and reports by the Chairman and CEO, Ms Sara Merkel, outlined the Association’s...

Vale Greg Tiller

Posted By NHIA,
31/08/2023 15:56 PM
It is with great sadness we share the passing of industry colleague and friend, Greg Tiller. A familiar and friendly face at NHIA events for many years, most recently at the AGM and member forum in Shepparton earlier this month, Greg gave lifelong service to the dairy cattle breeding industry and was highly respected by all that knew and worked with him. Originally from South Australia, Greg grew up with dairying in his veins. He quickly appreciated that cattle breeding was his passion and...