Queensland, QLD

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To continue business in QLD

    Travel within Queensland

    Currently there are no declared COVID-19 hotspots and domestic travellers are not required to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass prior to entering Queensland.





      Helpful Documents:

      Workplace Health Management Plan Template

      Dairy Farm COVID Safe Template

      This Workplace Health Management Plan template (DOCX 250 kB) is for:

      • Workplaces in the agribusiness and commercial fishing industries who employ, or have as visitors or contractors, interstate workers or seasonal workers and therefore must submit Workplace Health Management Plans under The Queensland Chief Health Officer Public Health Direction
      • Queensland businesses wishing to assess their plans to control COVID-19 associated risks

      This template includes a checklist that may be used in conjunction with the Health Plan Template as a self-assessment checklist to identify ways to reduce transmission of COVID1-19 within a workplace and assist business continuity.



      If the person has been travelling around before entry to QLD have a schedule of where they have been over the last 14 days (click here for the 14 Day Close Contact form), it is generic so please make changes, put logo, etc)


      Entry will be dependant on the Officer at the border so ensure you have as much documentation as possible.


      We have confirmed that all states have agreed that agriculture and suppliers of essential services to agriculture will be categorised as essential services.


      National Coronavirus Helpline Phone Number: 1800 020 080