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To continue business in QLD

    A class exemption (PDF, 96KB) granted by the Chief Health Officer is for farmers and agribusinesses moving between Queensland and the NSW border zone until 30 November 2021.



    Class exemption for farmers and agribusiness workers within the border zone QLD/NSW

    A class exemption (PDF, 96KB) granted by the Chief Health Officer is for farmers and agribusinesses moving between Queensland and the NSW border zone until 30 November 2021.

    It is only for movement associated with performing essential farming or agribusiness work.

    You must read the class exemption and be aware of all conditions.

    Specific types of workers are included:

    • farmers with contiguous farms dissected by the Queensland–NSW border
    • farmers with 1 or more active farm production sites
    • specialist farm machinery operators for time-critical agricultural operations such as planting, fertilising, spraying and harvesting
    • specialist agronomists providing time-critical crop production advice
    • specialist technicians, including maintenance and repair, for agriculture activities such as agricultural production storage
    • specialist veterinarians and critical support technicians to prevent significant adverse animal welfare outcomes only where an animal cannot practicably be transported for treatment.

    Various conditions are required:

    • evidence that at least 1 dose of a COVID vaccination has been administered
    • evidence of a negative test in the last 7 days and a continued rolling 7-day testing cycle
    • a quarantine management plan in place including wearing masks
    • records kept of any close contacts
    • you must only travel directly to and from the relevant farm and be able to provide records of movement when requested
    • you must wear a mask at all times in Queensland if you have been in the NSW border zone in the last 14 days
    • NSW residents who need to stay overnight in Queensland will need to observe stay-at-home rules.
    • returning Queenslanders must comply with stay-at-home rules for 14 days, (meaning you can only leave your private residence for a select number of reasons, including
      • to perform essential agribusiness work
      • obtain food and essential medical care
      • to exercise outdoors alone or with members of the household
    • you are only allowed 2 visitors per day to enter the farm or residence in addition to anyone who usually reside at the premises.

    The class exemption does not apply to anyone who has:

    • been in NSW outside the border zone
    • been to an interstate exposure venue or is a close contact of someone who has
    • has had known contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
    • or has COVID-19 symptoms.



    Essential or specialist workers travelling from a COVID hotspot

    A specialist or essential worker is a critical worker in the agribusiness supply chain who needs to cross the Queensland border from a hotspot in another state or an area outside the NSW border zone.

    An application for a specialist-worker endorsement should be made via the COVID-19 services portal.

    To apply for an essential or specialist worker, you must upload:

    • written explanation of the essential activity the specialist worker will be undertaking in Queensland
    • documentation that demonstrates why this service is critical to Queensland
    • documentation that shows why they can't employ someone from a non-hotspot area
    • a quarantine management plan (DOCX, 546KB)
    • a health management plan from the Queensland business employing the specialist worker
    • a record of at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccination being administered.

    The essential or specialist worker status must be endorsed by the Queensland Government before the person is permitted entry into Queensland. Endorsements are considered on a case-by-case basis against strict criteria.

    Please allow a minimum of 7 days for processing and allow a further 3 days to be issued a Queensland Entry Pass – specialist or essential worker – S pass.

    The specialist or essential worker must carry the letter of endorsement and quarantine management plan at all times, while in Queensland.





      Helpful Documents:

      Workplace Health Management Plan Template

      Dairy Farm COVID Safe Template

      This Workplace Health Management Plan template (DOCX 250 kB) is for:

      • Workplaces in the agribusiness and commercial fishing industries who employ, or have as visitors or contractors, interstate workers or seasonal workers and therefore must submit Workplace Health Management Plans under The Queensland Chief Health Officer Public Health Direction
      • Queensland businesses wishing to assess their plans to control COVID-19 associated risks

      This template includes a checklist that may be used in conjunction with the Health Plan Template as a self-assessment checklist to identify ways to reduce transmission of COVID1-19 within a workplace and assist business continuity.



      If the person has been travelling around before entry to QLD have a schedule of where they have been over the last 14 days (click here for the 14 Day Close Contact form), it is generic so please make changes, put logo, etc)


      Entry will be dependant on the Officer at the border so ensure you have as much documentation as possible.


      We have confirmed that all states have agreed that agriculture and suppliers of essential services to agriculture will be categorised as essential services.


      National Coronavirus Helpline Phone Number: 1800 020 080