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Entry to NSW

Entry to NSW is restricted when a NSW Health concerns notice identifies affected areas, areas of concern and places of high concern.

Check the COVID-19 concerns notice before you travel.

  • There is currently no requirement to complete an entry declaration form when travelling to NSW.

If you are allowed to travel to NSW from a location that appears in the COVID-19 concerns notice, when you arrive in NSW you may be required to:


Rules for entering NSW

Residents returning to NSW and anyone already in NSW

 I have not been to an affected area, area of concern or a place of high concern in the past 14 days

  • You may enter NSW.
  • You do not need to complete a NSW entry declaration form.
  • You do not need to self-isolate.

I have been to an affected area in the past 14 days

Before you enter

I have been to an area of concern in the past 14 days

Before you enter

After you enter

  • Immediately travel to your place of residence.
  • Stay at your residence unless you have a reasonable excuse to leave, such as
    • getting food or services
    • travelling for work, education, childcare or shared parenting arrangements
    • for medical care, health supplies or to fulfil caring responsibilities
    • moving home
    • exercising outdoors
    • to avoid injury or in an emergency situation.
  • You should stay at your residence until it has been 14 days since you visited the area of concern (or the area of concern is revoked).

I have been to a place of high concern in the past 14 days

Before you enter

  • Check the COVID-19 concerns notice to find out if you are considered a casual contact or a close contact, as the rules are different.

Close contacts

  • When you return to NSW, self-isolate at home or at another suitable place until it has been 14 days since you visited the place of high concern.

If you are a close contact and you are fully vaccinated, you are permitted to enter NSW and you must self-isolate until it has been 7 days since you were last at the place of high concern.

Casual contacts

  • Follow the rules of the state or territory that you are currently in. 
  • When you return to NSW







New South Wales Coronavirus Information Helpline – 13 77 88





To Enter Victoria -  the 'traffic-light' permit system

To enter Victoria from interstate, you need to apply for a permit.

Victoria classifies regions of Australia as green, orange or red, based on the region's COVID-19 risk. You can't enter Victoria from a red zone.

Apply for the Agriculture Specified Worker Permit.  


Become a NSW COVID Safe Busines