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Continue Business as an Essential Service Provider in SA



South Australia's borders are open to all states but not to the recent NSW cluster.

The Cross Border Travel Registration on the SA Police website has been reinstated. There are no catogries to apply as borders are open, the only current issue is the NSW hot spots.

For Victoria and any NSW hot spot areas, you must first complete a Risk Mitigation Plan.

Step 1 - Workplace risk mitigation for travellers from VIC

Essential sectors need to have a Workplace Risk Mitigation plan for COVID-19. This includes identifying potential risks, hazards and the controls in place to mitigate these potential risks.

Please see the SA link here on preparing a risk mitigation plan (RMP). If you need multiple visits scroll down to the multi-entry pass information below to cover this in your RMP.

Prepare your risk mitigation plan and email it here for approval, or for assistance:

Wait for your approval letter to attach to your application.

Step 2 -Supporting Evidence

Also obtain a letter from this business requesting your service detailing that the person is required to conduct a service that is time critical and where the provision of the service requires that the person be physically present in South Australia.

When applying industry falls under Schedule 2 Point 3 — Specialist workers in essential sectors. Download schedule here dated 24.09.2020

Point 3: Specialist workers in essential sectors 'mining, oil, gas, energy, water, agriculture or other primary industries'

Individual specialist workers required for the purposes of maintaining operations in an essential sector if their employer is applying risk mitigation strategies during periods of work in accordance with a risk mitigation plan relating to COVID-19 approved by the Department for Health and Wellbeing (SA)

Complete the Form Below to enter South Australia 14 days prior to your arrival

Additional Industry Templates are below:

Word document templates for employee crossing the border, please insert company logo:
Records of close contact form   (download here)  

Multi-Entry Pass

It is possible to obtain a ‘many use pass’, but there are some strict criteria to get it.

The Essential worker will need to submit their risk mitigation plan (RMP) for approval before applying for a border pass. In the RMP cover off all of the requested parts and stipulate that you will need to visit X number of times over a X week period making sure to nominate dates for each forward trip and outlining the purpose of each visit and why each purpose has to be performed in SA. Also, identify where you are coming from.

Once the RMP is approved, apply on the SAPOL site for a border pass. When doing this repeat, all of the details of the multiple visits that are required, and state the application is for a multi-entry pass. 


Victorian cross-border community residents

There's a 70-kilometre buffer zone on either side of the South Australian-Victorian border. Victorian cross-border community residents can cross the border into South Australia within the 70-kilometre buffer zone for any reason.

If you’re a Victorian cross-border community resident entering South Australia, you must have had a COVID-19 test in the last 7 days, or on day 1 and 12. You also can’t travel more than 70 kilometres from the border. You must complete a cross-border travel registration form. You can access the form at Select ‘Domestic travel restrictions’ and click on ‘Border restrictions’.

We have confirmed that all states have agreed that agriculture and suppliers of essential services to agriculture will be categorised as essential services.


National Coronavirus Helpline Phone Number: 1800 253 787