Apply for Overseas AI Technicians

Posted By NHIA  
14:00 PM



If you are looking to get technicians in from overseas make sure they have applied for their visa.

If their visa is close to expiry they can call the department to see if their application can be rushed.

Note: Our industry is seeking technicians for their critical skills. 

The overseas technician would then need to apply here:


In the form they would tick a compelling and compassionate reason to travel

To support their application they would also have to submit with this application the following:

  • Contract
  • Detailed letter from Employer stating why they are critical and that you operate an Essential Service Business (this document is crucial to the process and requires a detailed explanation)
  • History or proof of prior employment if they have worked in Australia before

The Department confirmed the easiest to get in are people from New Zealand but anyone can apply.

Note: they will need to quarantine on arrival for 14 days and probably quarantine back home as well. Please see government direction note on quarnatine.

As these rules are continuously changing monitor the progress of the application to see what else may be required. 

Please let the NHIA office know if you are applying so we can assist in the process.

Department of Home Affairs Contact Number 1300 853 773