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Update on Dry Ice for VIC and TAS

Recently, members have reported challenges with the dry ice supply and this has been due to a CO2 deficit, and BOC was importing CO2. BOC are now pleased to announce Victoria has an adequate supply of CO2 in the tank at their Dandenong Gas & Gear. This allows BOC to now produce dry ice. In the initial stage, BOC will be focusing on producing small volumes of dry ice each day. 

Contact BOC Gas & Gear Dandenong, (03) 9792 1700 for orders.

TAS Supply

Dry Ice is made in Lutana Tasmania after importing CO2 from VIC. 

·        Launceston and Hobart Gas & Gear keep around 200-400kg at a time.  The customer has to pickup only.  

·        There is now a restriction on a vehicle taking Dry Ice.  The Dry Ice must be separated from the driver or the Gas and Gear will not allow pick up.  

·        Hobart – tends to be more available Tuesday to Friday as they get deliveries Tuesdays.  (Monday they usually have nothing available).  

·        North West Coast Tas – 2 stores in South Burnie and Devonport

To receive dry ice at these locations, there must be a commitment to purchase at least 200kg. If members are interested in sharing, NHIA is willing to facilitate and divide the costs among the members.   Please contact me if this is something that interests you. 

There are no issues with supply of CO2 in other states. Dry ice is readily available in NSW, QA, SA, WA without any issue.

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For any queries please contact the NHIA office.