NHIA Member update : COVID-19

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16:00 PM

In light of Federal and State Government announcements about the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia has the following update for members.

  • Essential Services classification: We have confirmed that all states have agreed that agriculture and suppliers of essential services to agriculture will be categorised as essential services. This will include interstate providers of services to SA farmers. On this basis NHIA members will be classified as suppliers of essential services.
  • AB and HTC services going on-farm: A protocol to support AB and HTC services going on farm will be developed with DA over the next few days and communicated to NHIA members.
  • Any member who has ceased providing a service to farm customers needs to advise NHIA. NHIA will work with DA to find practical ways to enable services to continue to be delivered on farm
  • Supply of Ln2: BOC is implementing new cleaning procedures on cylinders but there will be no changes to bulk deliveries. In order to limit health risks for NHIA members and their drivers, BOC will be enforcing appropriate social distancing protocols upon delivery and pick up.
  • Fuel cards: These can be used in the usual way with no interruption to service.
  • Methylated Spirits: NHIA understands that supply will continue in the usual way.
  • Milk Testing Samples: At this stage NHIA has been advised that there will be no change to the way reference samples are dealt with.
  • Vehicle Hire: Intrastate vehicle hire is unaffected. We expect that restrictions will be put in place for interstate vehicle hire i.e. where a vehicle is hired in one state and crosses a state border during the hire period.
  • NHIA materials: These can be ordered as usual through the NHIA website and will be delivered in the usual way.
  • NHIA office: As of today the NHIA office at AgriBio is closed with staff working remotely and contactable via phone and email in the usual way.


NHIA is committed to working with suppliers to continue providing these essential services to members in a safe and secure manner. We will update you should circumstances change that affect delivery of these services.


If you have any questions please contact me on 0418 176 958 or at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of NHIA. At this time of great upheaval I wish you, your family and work colleagues well as we adapt to this challenging new environment.




Stephen Carroll

Chief Executive Officer