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  Artificial Insemination Courses

Artificial Insemination
NHIA in conjunction with our industry partners the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) are now offering DIY AI Courses. Delivered by qualified industry trainers, the three day courses provide a thorough grounding in AI technique. For further information on courses click here.
Accreditation Program for Professional Inseminators
This program was developed in response to industry requests and its development was funded primarily by the Dairy herd Improvement Fund with supporting contributions by the NHIA and the Dairy Research and Development Corporation.
The program delivers benefits to both participants and end users (farmers) , with the latter obtaining enhanced/optimal conception rates and increased confidence in the service provided by professional industry inseminators. The program is part of the industry's ongoing endeavours to maintain the highest professional standards as are practical.
The NHIA has been requested to organise the delivery of the Professional AI Technicians' training program and subsequent accreditation of eligible persons.
The Program has been operating since mid-2000 since when 142 Professional AI Technicians from 24 nominating centres have successfully completed the program and received Accreditation. All accredited technicians are entitled to a distinctive badge indicating that they have received accreditation. (Details of Accredited Technicians and nominating centres here).
The course is designed to test the practical skills and theoretical knowledge of participants in the art of artificial insemination and to ensure that participants have a sound general knowledge of the Australian Herd Improvement Industry.
The course objective is to accredit industry personnel whose abilities are such as to provide assurances to customers and comfort to employers that those accredited displayed the skills and knowledge expected of a professional AI Technician and that such persons conduct themselves in a professional manner becoming to the industry.
Participants are required to meet the minimum entry standards of having completed a DIY insemination course, completed 200 inseminations under the supervision of a qualified professional inseminator and be nominated by an organisation providing a professional AI service in Australia. 
Participants are required to:
  • sit a theory exam which will be drawn from either or both of two manuals that will be issued to participants at the time of registration for the course. In order to achieve a pass participants must attain a grade of at least 70%. and
  • complete a practical examination to the satisfaction of the examiners, including the insemination of cows within a satisfactory time period including the selection of semen, thawing of semen, and loading of insemination guns.
Upon completion of the course, the examiners shall provide NHIA with a written report detailing the results of both the practical and theory examinations for each course participant. NHIA will provide the final results to each participant and a report for each participant to each participant's nominating body.
Where a participant, following examination, has met the requirements of the course that participant will be accredited by the Board of NHIA and a certificate issued which states that the participant, on the day of the course, met the criteria for accreditation.
Where a participant does not pass the theory examination, he/she will have the opportunity to sit for a supplementary examination. Where a participant does not pass the practical examination, he/she can nominate for another examination after further training.
NHIA maintains a register of professional inseminators accredited under these arrangements together with the date of such accreditation.  Such information may be made available if and when an inquiry is received as to the accreditation status of an individual.
A manual entitled NHIA Professional Inseminators Accreditation Program is available to course participants.

 Job opportunities exist within the industry for those with this qualification
Semen & Embryo Handlers Accreditation Program
The quality chain for semen and embryos from the producer to the end user farmer has now been strengthened considerably with the introduction of the Semen & Embryo Handlers Accreditation Program and Code of Practice.
This Program and Code of Practice has been developed with funding from the Dairy Herd Improvement Fund together with supplemental funding being provided by the Dairy Research and Development Corporation and the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia.
This new Program and Code of Practice complements the previously introduced Professional AI Technicians Accreditation Program by seeking to establish the adoption of standard considered minimum requirements for organisations and staff handling semen and embryos during the distribution process.
The Code was developed in response to demands from industry and is designed to be applicable to identified key handling processes for semen and embryos from the time the product has been produced until it is despatched for final use. 
In the current deregulated environment the Code will encourage customers' confidence in the integrity of semen and embryos supplied by accredited organisations.
The Program and Code of Practice is being offered to industry on a regional basis.