We have confirmed that all states have agreed that agriculture and suppliers of essential services to agriculture will be categorised as essential services.

As we all work together during these challening times, NHIA have gathered some important information concerning our industry. 

The situation we're facing as an industry is unprecedented and changing at a pace we are working to keep up with.  This page will be updated as information becomes available.

When checking back please refresh your browser to ensure you are seeing the most recent updates.


NHIA recommends that members adopt the following guidelines in client interactions and during farm, supplier and client visits. Click here for the recommendations.


Australian Dairy Farmers share the governments advice on the stimulus package. Link Here.


State Border Closures and the process to Operate as an essential service provider

- To Continue Business in South Australia

Please use the industry template to continue business in South Australia and follow this three (3) step process:
Step One: Fill in the details on the word document (download here) and give it to the employee crossing the border.
Step Two: Also attach this schedule noting the directive for SA on Schedule 1, 5(a) and (c) on the link here.
Step Three: Please also have available the information of the property you are travelling to and that properties identification code.

- To Continue Business in Tasmania

You would apply as being an essential services provider of “Specialist skills critical to maintaining key industries or businesses.  Any specialists required for industry or business continuity and maintenance of competitive operations where the appropriate skills are not available in Tasmania, where the service is time-critical and where the provision of the service requires that the person be physically present in Tasmania”.  Click the link here.

- To Continue Business in Western Australia

Step One: Fill in the details on the word document (download here) and give it to the employee crossing the border.

Step Two: Fill in the Western Australia Form. Click the link here to download.

Note that in Essential Traveller Status section of the form tick “Specialist Skills”. In the box below write “As per the definition (j), I am employed in providing artificial breeding services for the cattle industry and are therefore “ A person who is employed or engaged in agricultural or primary industry that requires the person to be physically present in Western Australia “

NHIA Member Services Update during COVID-19:

  • Supply of Ln2: BOC has implemented new cleaning procedures on cylinders but there will be no changes to bulk deliveries. In order to limit health risks for NHIA members and their drivers, BOC will be enforcing appropriate social distancing protocols upon delivery and pick up.
  • Fuel cards: These can be used in the usual way with no interruption to service.
  • Methylated Spirits: NHIA understands that supply will continue in the usual way but orders may experience a short delay.
  • Milk Testing Samples: At this stage NHIA has been advised that there will be no change to the way reference samples are dealt with.
  • Vehicle Hire: Intrastate vehicle hire is unaffected. We expect that restrictions will be put in place for interstate vehicle hire i.e. where a vehicle is hired in one state and crosses a state border during the hire period.
  • NHIA materials: AI Manuals | Docket Books | Wallcharts -These can be ordered as usual through NHIA will be delivered in the usual way.

Other Links:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Are your staff trained to recoginise what are the signs of the virus and how to minimise its spread . Short online training tool available. Click here.

National Coronavirus Helpline Phone Number: 1800 020 080.  The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.