AI Training Cow available to NHIA members

Posted By Adam Sawell  
06:53 AM

If you’ve ever tried you’ll know how hard it is to get hold of AI cow simulators for in-house training sessions.

Thanks to NHIA and NuGenes Herd Improvement, from January all you’ll need to do is pick up the phone to NHIA to hire the latest Bovine Theriogenology simulator from Veterinary Industry Simulators.

NHIA CEO Sara Merckel says: “We’ve jointly funded this initiative with NuGenes. A key part of our mission is to ensure that existing AI technicians remain current and that new entrants to the industry receive the training they need.

I’m pleased to announce we’ll be showcasing this at International Dairy Week in January where members will be able to view the simulator and book it for their next training session.”

To enquire about theNuGenes and NHIA AI cow simulator contact Sara Merckel via email of on 1300 844 220.